Why Are Backlinks Important for Growth?

Trust and authority are among the most essential elements for any successful business. But how can you prove the authority of your business as well as reliable? By gaining backlinks! Search engines such as Google evaluate the quantity and quality of backlinks to measure a site’s quality.

It is crucial for organic search results to have high-quality backlinks. They prove that you’ve got a great website, and Google will place it in the top position over other sites on the same subject to guarantee that it offers the best content to the search engine’s users.

What is a backlink?

Backlinks, or inbound or incoming links, occur when a site links to another website. Backlinks are vital for SEO as Google and other major search engines view them as “votes” for a particular page. If many websites link to the same webpage, they conclude that the content posted is worth linking to. They also determine that the website deserves to be ranked higher in SERPs. 

The reason why backlink-rich sites are highly ranked in search engines is because they have lots of backlinks. Therefore, gaining quality backlinks will improve the visibility of your website on search engines, increase traffic to your website, and ultimately generate more revenue.

What are the characteristics of a great backlink?

The value of a backlink is dependent on the quality. Consider the backlinks you have on your site as references to your resume. You don’t want negatives as references in the real world, which applies to your website. Only allow good sites that link to your site since this could affect the position of your website in search results.

However, high-quality backlinks are sought-after. A strong backlink is stronger than 1000 poor-quality ones. Strong backlinks should originate from trusted websites such as the New York Times, BBC, and other brands with high authority within your field. Links from these websites can help your website gain more credibility since these websites have a high domain authority.

What are the worst backlinks?

Backlinks that could be better originate from sites with low domain authority scores. These sites need to be more trustworthy as Google has been slashing them since 2012, using the Penguin algorithm to prevent manipulation of rankings. Before the algorithm was introduced in 2012, publishers paid for links to increase ranking on the results of searches. The Penguin algorithm has been penalizing websites that are linked to these sites.

What are the reasons why they are vital?

SEO consultants recommend that every business owner create link-building as a major element of their online marketing strategy. Since the majority of businesses are moving online, there’s a requirement for businesses to invest in strategies to allow their clients to find them on the Internet. Link building is among the strategies. Here are a few reasons why it is essential for every business website.

No-follow vs. do-follow

Nofollow links do not impact algorithmic search results. Google doesn’t consider links with no-follow tags, and as such, they do not directly impact the rank of a website in results for the search. Most links with a no-follow tag are only worth a little, so they’re not useful for SEO. Here you’ll find comments on blogs, press releases, and ads as well.

On the contrary, do-follow hyperlinks are normal links that do not have the no-follow attribute. They directly impact a website’s rank, and the best part is that most websites with them are do-follow hyperlinks.

Enhances exposure and increases increase trust

Having links from other websites can be considered a vote of confidence. Thus, they play a role in shaping how people perceive brands. Link-building strategies such as guest blogging can expose your company to the massive public and make them aware of your work. Including your brand in the top industry names via hyperlinks and mentions will increase the trust of your brand’s audience so that they will choose your company over others.


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