The Way Persuasive Essays Increase Students’ Proficiency


Can Persuasive Essays Enhance Student Competence ?

The current educational system is rapidly transforming. New tools and technologies are appearing daily. Students must develop critical thinking and communication skills. That is a way for them to survive in this educational environment. Writing persuasive essays is a useful approach for developing these abilities. Students who create persuasive arguments improve their capacity to persuade others. They also develop useful skills that help them throughout their lives. 

The powerful and flexible persuasive essay is a versatile genre in academic writing. Persuasive essays are much more than just verbal exercises. They are crucial in developing and advancing students’ abilities. Many students face problems while writing a persuasive essay. Various online academic writing services like allow students to buy persuasive essays online. That can help students who are struggling with their writing problems. Persuasive essays enhance critical thinking, analysis, and effective communication skills for students. Also, it prepares them for success in their studies and careers.

The Concept of Persuasive Essay in Academic Writing 

A persuasive essay is created to convince the reader of the writer’s point of view. You must know the basic concepts of persuasive essays before exploring further. Look at how persuasion goes beyond basic discussion to persuade readers via reason, proof, and an engaging presentation.

Elements of a Persuasive Essay 

A solid, persuasive essay has three crucial elements called persuasion modes. These were initially set up by the philosopher Aristotle himself. Together, they form a strong argument that aims to change the views of others. 

Ethos: An element of argument and persuasion. Ethos is how a speaker establishes their moral character, knowledge, and credibility. Readers are more likely to trust someone with a good reputation, first hand experience, or social standing. Your writing will be more persuasive if it incorporates ethos or ethics.

Pathos: The skill of provoking emotions in a crowd by appealing to their feelings is known as pathos. You can connect with your readers as a writer by awakening particular feelings in them. Your writing becomes more captivating and memorable as a result. That draws the interest of your readers.

Logos: Logos is using language or persuasion to appeal to the audience’s reason and logic. A well-written persuasive essay should provide multiple arguments that logically support the thesis statement.

Developing Critical Thinking Skills 

Analytical Thinking: Writing persuasive essays requires students to analyze complex issues. They consider multiple viewpoints and then evaluate proof. This process boosts analytical thinking skills in students. It enables them to assess information critically and make informed conclusions.

Logical Reasoning: Composing persuasive arguments requires logical reasoning. Students learn to structure their thoughts coherently, present evidence logically, and anticipate counterarguments. These skills enhance their ability to construct well-reasoned arguments and make good decisions.

Problem-Solving: Persuasive essays often involve addressing real-world problems. By researching and proposing practical solutions, students develop problem-solving skills. They learn to think creatively and critically about complex issues.

Analyzing and Evaluating Information: In persuasive essays, students must look at and understand information carefully. Doing this helps students better determine reliable information, check evidence, and make intelligent choices. This skill is essential in school and work.

Creating a Strong Thesis Statement: A solid thesis statement in a persuasive essay requires a good understanding of the topic. Doing this helps students think carefully by making them explain a clear and vital argument.

Enhancing Communication Skills 

Effective Writing:  Improving your writing skills as a student is very important. Persuasive essays demand clarity, coherence, and conciseness. Students learn to express their thoughts effectively. They can organize their ideas and use persuasive language to communicate their message. These skills translate into improved writing proficiency across different genres. 

Oral Communication: The process of writing persuasive essays also enhances oral communication skills. Students practice articulating their arguments and presenting them persuasively. That helps them become more confident speakers and better communicators in various settings.

Active Listening: Engaging in persuasive writing encourages students to consider opposing viewpoints and address counterarguments. Through this process, they develop active listening skills. They learn to empathize with different perspectives and engage in constructive dialogue.

Expressing Thoughts Briefly and Clearly: Writing persuasive essays requires ideas to be expressed concisely and clearly. Students can communicate successfully in professional as well as educational settings thanks to this transferable skill.

Creating a Persuasive Writing Style: Students use persuasive essays to create a distinctive writing style. Capturing the attention of readers with captivating prose is an important skill. It can be used in a variety of written communication situations. Many students practice writing persuasive essays on their own. However, sometimes they are unable to do this. Many different academic writing services can be used as learning tools for students. The students can use the persuasive essay provided by them as a guide for their persuasive writing. These essay writing services have many writers who are professionals in their field.

Building Research and Information Literacy Skills 

Information Gathering: Writing persuasive essays requires students to conduct thorough research to support their arguments. They learn to locate credible sources and evaluate information for relevance and reliability. It helps them to integrate evidence effectively. This process enhances research skills and promotes a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Critical Evaluation: Students gain the ability to analyse sources critically and identify between biased and trustworthy information. Their information literacy is improved by this. They are able to handle the wealth of information available and make well-informed decisions. This not only guarantees academic integrity but also develops the careful documentation habits necessary for further research projects.

Fostering Empathy and Emotional Intelligence 

Understanding Multiple Perspectives: Persuasive essays require students to consider different viewpoints and understand the perspectives of others. This fosters empathy, helping students develop a broader understanding of diverse opinions and cultivate tolerance.

Emotional Appeal: Persuasive writing involves using emotional appeals to sway the audience. Students learn to understand and connect with the emotions and experiences of others, enhancing their emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.

Real-World Applications of Persuasive Skills 

Persuasion in Professional Settings 

Writing persuasive essays sharpens skills that are directly applicable in a number of professional environments. Students who possess persuasive skills have a greater ability to meet the demands of the working world, from public speaking to business proposals.

Advocacy and Social Impact 

Persuasive essays empower students to become advocates for change. Whether addressing issues in society or promoting a cause, students can leverage their persuasive skills to effect positive change in their communities.


Persuasive essays improve students’ competency by encouraging research, communication, and critical thinking. Students who create compelling arguments are better able to evaluate complex problems. They can build logical cases and communicate convincingly. Given the importance of persuasive essays, teachers should incorporate them into the curriculum. That will give students the tools they need to succeed in school and beyond.


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