Hiking in Austria what to expect


Austria, with its incredible lakes and soaring alpine slopes, is a major draw for the world’s hikers. Visit at the right time, and you will walk into something beautiful that is like a scene out of the sound of music. 

When are you travelling?

This experience depends greatly on the time of year you will be traveling in. Austria is a country that is beautiful all year round- this beauty takes many different forms.

During Spring, when the meadows are in bloom, it’s gorgeous; during winter, when the peaks are clad in thick snow, it’s similarly so. The only difference to consider here is that when the weather is really cold and the days are short, you’ll need a lot of hiking experience to access the tallest peaks. 

How experienced are you?

Exactly how much walking are you comfortable with? Austria caters to hikers of all levels, and you typically won’t need to walk far in order to access something worth walking to. On the other hand, there are certain spectacles which can be reached only via a considerable and physically taxing hike. Be honest about your abilities, do your research, and choose your destination accordingly.

Do you have the right equipment?

It’s also a good idea to think about the amount of equipment you need to take. You should own a pair of solid and reliable hiking boots. A water pack is also a good investment and some quality walking poles, and several layers of breathable clothing, too. Having the right equipment is essential to having a smooth hike. 

Choose Your Hiking in Austria Adventure

If you’re looking at the walking holidays Austria has to offer, then you might be struck by the sheer variety. Experienced hikers might plan a hut-to-hut route which will take you from one Alpine hut to the next. This way, you’ll spend the entire break out in the countryside, and get the maximum possible rest and recharging. There’s nothing as likely to interrupt that sense of tranquillity as having to go back into a busy town centre. 

Of course, there is a thing as too much tranquillity. If you’re planning a holiday, you might want to involve hiking without making your holiday defined by it. Fortunately, there are options to consider here, too. Research the available options, and shop accordingly.



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