Best Ultimate Skills in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2

The hero shooter has been getting more and more crowded in recent years, but the title that started it all is yet to be dethroned. Overwatch 2 keeps reserving a place in the spotlight as fans continue to find joy in every subsequent season.

There’s always a good reason to work on your Overwatch 2 account, courtesy of the game’s intricate economy focusing on cosmetics instead of pay-to-win shenanigans. Even after six years at the top, the game remains intuitive and welcoming for newcomers, albeit extremely difficult to master. 

A great starting point to understand what comprises a good match is the heroes’ most effective skills. Thus, here’s an overview of the best ultimate skills in Overwatch 2!

Hanzo’s Dragonstrike

Many memes have been constructed to, basically, rant about how powerful Hanzo’s ultimate is, but even after the round of nerfs, Dragonstrike is potent indeed. The ability is envisioned to capture the character’s Eastern origins and upon use, Hanzo will fire an ethereal arrow with his bow that soon morphs into several dragons, depending on the ultimate stacks gathered thus far. 

The arrow deals 125 base damage, and can even score a headshot. Once the dragons start to appear less than a second afterward, the attack turns into an AoE skill. The dragons pass through walls and enemies, each of them dealing 150 damage per second in a four-meter radius. There’s a cap on how much damage can be done to a single target this way, though set at a very high threshold of 990 hit points.

Soldier’s 76 Tactical Visor

Aiming in Overwatch 2 can get more than tricky due to how dynamic matches are. However, aside from having a precise primary weapon at all times, Soldier 76 even has access to an “auto-aim” ultimate that significantly improves his damage output for six seconds.

The Tactical Visor ultimate takes 1,2 seconds to cast and affects every nearby foe caught within Soldier 76’s field of view. The reticle will get glued to the nearest enemy, and each pull of the trigger will hit the target without faltering. Tactical Visor also greatly shortens the weapon’s reload speed to only 0,65 seconds. 

Sigma’s Gravity Flux

Sigma is a tank that revels in using physics-based attacks to educate her enemies, as well as turning their projectiles into healing sources for her. It’s a unique concept that made Sigma an instantly attractive choice when it was released in Overwatch 2 game in 2019, and her kit has found a multitude of uses in pro tournaments since.

Sigma’s ultimate is called Gravity Flux and is especially delicious to use. It has a cylindrical area of effect that stretches in all three dimensions, dealing 50 damage to all enemies caught in that location. Next, it proceeds to suspend them mid-air for 2,3 seconds, entirely blocking their mobility before slamming them back down, dealing up to 50% of their total HP in the process. And yes, this can happen to the entirety of the opposing team at once! 



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